Party Pixel Booths has you covered when it comes to creating custom photo experiences for any occasion!  We provide portable and sleek photo booths and are always the life of the party! PPB can provide photo entertainment for your events NATIONWIDE!

Scroll down to view just a few of the services that we offer, and check out the menu to discover more.


Just step in front of the camera, and the fun begins. We instantly print their photos onto a super fun novelty photo strip, or go for the gusto and give your guests big beautiful framable photos with our 4 x 6 print option. Let’s get this party started!


Our GIF Booth takes a series of photos and converts them into an animated file that you just can’t stop watching! There are options to do boomerang or multiple photo gifs and files can be emailed/ texted immediately so guests can shared directly to social media.


Take a trip to the moon or to the snow capped mountains without the need for a rocketship or even a coat. With our Green Screen Photo Booth, you can magically transport your guests anywhere that you can dream up. The options are limitless.